Value Proposition

Key elements of the Company’s Value Proposition are:
High Quality Drinking Water: Africaqua Watershops provide safe treated drinking water and ensures high level quality standards within the supply chain: the company plans to apply Reverse Osmosis treatment

Affordable access to safe water: the Water shops will offer safe treated water at an affordable price to community members as compared to the current available water sources who offer untreated water at an unreasonably high price.

Trusted Water Provider: the Water shops are located near communities so as to engage communities to instill trust to the safe water products.

Efficient Distribution Network to Communities: The Watershop offers an alternative model to water distribution by incorporating water vendors into its value chain. The water vendors are organized into a cooperative and trained on safe water handling and delivery. The vendors will then be assigned distribution zones, which will increase water distribution efficiency in the area.

Our Objectives

To reach at least 3000 households in 3 counties with safe water by 2015.

To train 150 Girls in 3 counties in Kenya on Enterprise Development by 2015.

To support 60 selected girls on water supply chain contracting through mini enterprises by 2015.

To support at least 5 schools on WASH related activities by 2015.

Our Vision
Safe Water for All in Africa’s last mile drop.

Our Mission
To provide affordable access to safe water for rural and African communities.

Our Focus
Scaling the Safe Water Africaqua Model in 20 counties in Kenya by 2017.