Water scarcity in Kenya has been an issue for decades and Kimana town is struggling with the current water resources available. At Kimana, the little inadequate water is sourced from the rivers and springs nourished by the ice caps of Mount Kilimanjaro. Global warming experts have stated that the ice caps on this great physical feature are bound to melt off in a span of five years.

The existent springs and rivers are already starting to vitiate from human activity. The area residents have created a tendency to use the available water resource unsystematically and commercially with utmost disregarded of the entire community at large.

This has contributed to a sharp increase of pathogens and other unwelcomed elements in the water. Kimana has experienced its fair share of water borne diseases as per the records in the area health centre. The residents have over the years been exposed to intermittent epidemics such as diarrhea, cholera and parasitic worms. Our research as Africaqua unearthed that not only does water contamination occur at the water source but also on the water collection, distributing and consumption apparatus used by the residents.

Therefore, Africaqua in its earnest endeavor to develop sustainable decentralized safe water innovations with the adoption of technology for social transformation, has developed a state of the art water shop in Kimana area.

Fitted with the latest water treatment technology based on the principle of reverse osmosis the water facility is the to ensure that Kimana area residents are no longer exposed to water borne diseases that have greatly hampered activities in the community.

Our water at the shop has been availed to the Kenya Bureau of Standards for tests and has been approved for human consumption. At Africaqua we thrive on quality assurance to enhance trust and reliability which key to healthy progress.

Our team has worked tirelessly day in day out over the past few months to drill the borewell that supplies the water shop with water that first undergoes treatment before being distributed. Our visiting Engineer Mr. Rahman Mamunur has been very resourceful on the whole process of water treatment installation.

Spending restless days with the Africaqua team to swiftly but steadily get the systems up and running and serve the Kimana residents with clean bacteria free water for drinking and domestic use.

Africaqua has taken an extra very important step of providing convenient unique twenty litre and one litre jerry cans to the locals of Kimana area.

The jerry cans are flexible, hygienic and re-useable. Africaqua also takes the initiative to disinfect the jerry cans before any refill takes place at the shop.

Many local area residents are excited about the whole water project by Africaqua and fully support and welcome the pure treated water.

The residents say that the Africaqua water shop is a timely idea that is desperately needed.