Why water filtration could answer our water problems

Water filtration units for 5 families, could provide 600 gallons…

World Water Day 2015 Date Draws closer

With only 11 days remaining to the annual World Water Day Celebration, onesafedrop brings you a glimpse of last year’s event. Here is what the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon had to share with the world regarding water Water is at the core of sustainable development.

Students feted on water solution

A group of Cambridge University was feted for their role in developing solutions for global water crisis. The team was selected by a panel of judges from an international competition of 150 teams from around the world and announced by President Bill Clinton.

Will technology 'heal' Ukambani water challenge?

About a decade ago, residents of Musingini location in Machakos County knew no other water source than shallow sand wells located tens of kilometers away. In most occasions, they had to walk in threes in order to fetch water from the wells that were also shared by livestock in the dry Ukambani region.