The school was started in September 2002 by Mr. and Mrs. Karachi as proprietors who went to Kimana on an evangelical mission. They realized that the town had a lot of school going children who were just loitering in the village after being neglected by their parents. The level of HIV/AIDs infection in the area at that time was very high. The proprietors started with educating the community on the importance of education before embarking on starting the school. In the first term, the school had a total of 80 pupils, five of whom were orphans and were offered a full sponsorship. By the year 2009, the pupils’ population had grown to over 400 and the number keeps on rising year by year. The number of orphans in the school is also growing and it has now reached over 30.

The rise in the number of pupils is attributed to the school’s excellent performance and low charges. The school lies on a one acre of land fully owned by the proprietors and two acres that have been leased to the school.