Why water filtration could answer our water problems

Water filtration units for 5 families, could provide 600 gallons of safe drinking water for each family. 4,000 children die every day due to the lack of access to clean drinking water. 40% of school-age children worldwide are infested with worms and other water-borne infections, which inhibit their growth and brain development.

Through a simple, gradual overnight process, water filtration units can change even highly polluted water into safe drinking water that meets World Health Organization standards.



World Water Day 2015 Date Draws closer

With only 11 days to the annual World Water Day Celebrations, #Onesafedrop brings you a glimpse of last year’s event. Here is the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s message to the world during the 2014 World Water Day celebrations.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks during the press conference of the Durban Review Conference. Photo credit: United Nations.

“Water is at the core of sustainable development.

This year’s observance of World Water Day focuses on the links between water and energy.

Both are critical for eradicating poverty.

And they interact with each other in ways that can help – or hinder – our efforts to build stable societies and lives of dignity for all.

Climate change driven in great part by the unsustainable use of energy will exacerbate water stress and scarcity in many regions. Efforts to provide universal access to water and energy will be undermined if the current warming trend continues.

The many strong links between water and energy demand coherent, integrated policies and innovative strategies. Water must be used – and electricity must be generated and distributed — equitably and efficiently, so all users get a fair share.

These are the goals of the ongoing work of UN-Water and of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative.  These issues are also crucially important elements in our discussions on the post-2015 development agenda.

On World Water Day, let us pledge to develop the policies needed to ensure that sustainable water and energy are secured for the many and not just the few.”

Ban Ki-moon