Among the Key Activities of Africaqua is the setting up the Africaqua Watershops. Africaqua One Safe Drop Initiative incorporates water shop models that provide communities with treated water by adopting innovative approaches and technologies geared towards improving water quality. The One Safe Drop Water Shops are modeled in a water mall concept incorporating spaces for chemists, candy shop, ATM, sanitary pad dispensers, WiFi and health information center. Successful implementation of the One Safe Drop Water Shops will strengthen a development of a franchise protocol that will further safeguard and stimulate entrepreneurship in the safe water sector.

Water Vendors

Africaqua recognizes the role played by Water Vendors in informal water distribution among rural and urban Kenya. As such the company has taken upon itself to include the water vendors in the water value chain in its delivery strategy. Among the Key activities focused on Water Vendors will be Water Vendor Training and Capacity Building on Safe Water Handling and Delivery, Distribution Strategies, Customer Relations and Entrepreneurship.

Inkua Water Cart Competition

In most of our rural homes people use donkeys with makeshift carts to fetch water and this is strenuous to both the animal and person. In this regard, through a Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Africaqua Limited has launched the Inkua Donkey Water Cart Competition, which is open to Engineering students to

The expected Inkua Donkey Water Cart is expected to have an improved carrying efficiency, donkey ergonomics, durability more Cost-Effective and should be gender sensitive for use by both young male and female water vendors. Africaqua believes the Inkua Donkey Water Cart will have a great impact in Kenya in addressing the issue.

School Girls

The program for the girls in the schools will have an in-school program and an out of school program. In these programs they will target to train the girls on skills that will empower them importance of good personal hygiene, equipping them with basic first aid skills and also basic business skills. These training will be rolled out in the water clubs that will be established in schools for the in-school program. For the out of school program, the girls will be integrated into the Water shop whereby they will be assigned roles and responsibilities to enable them to be economically empowered. Overall the girls will be ambassadors for safe water transportation in the rural areas.

Safe Water Awareness

This will be achieved by carrying out safe water campaigns whereby there will be a drive to sensitize people in the importance of using safe water at household level, in the institutions e.g. schools and also in the wider community. The goal will be to keep at bay some of the water borne diseases that are preventable by using safe water. This awareness creation campaign will incorporate the schoolgirls, the water vendors, Africaqua and the community at large.