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Water Scarcity in Africa

Water scarcity also referred to as lack of safe drinking water is one of the world’s leading problems that face more than 1.1 billion people globally. This simply means that at least one in every six people does not have access to safe drinking water. World Health Organization defines safe drinking water as the water […]

Let’s take advantage of the massive runoff by collecting it

From Turkana to Tiaty, Nairobi to Nakuru, effects of the ongoing heavy rainfall that has pounded the country over the last two months have been intense. Houses have collapsed, vehicles swept by massive run offs as landslides torment residents of the peaceful Murang’a County. The weatherman has announced that the heavy rains might hit the […]

Africaqua joins the UNDP Business Call to Action Initiative

Africaqua has gotten the nod to join the United Nations Development Programme Business Call to Action (BCtA) initiative, a confirmation made by Sahba Sobhani initiative’s officer. The approval is as a result of the company’s commitment and participation in the inclusive and sustainable business initiatives at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). This comes days […]

Rekindled hopes

  AfricAqua Kimana Water Project in Kajiado County. The project is now serving thousands of people with safe drinking water. Water is probably the scarcest of all the basic commodities people need for survival, leaving them with too costly decisions to make. It is one of the commodities provided by nature, but unfortunately, nature has […]

The Scary Term

Water is a term that usually send shivers down the spine of many people whenever it is mentioned. It is a term that not many people like it when it is mentioned especially during certain periods of the year. This commodity has been very scarce, not only in Kenya, but also in other countries. Many […]