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5 Stunning Facts About Clean Water You Must Know

Water is incredibly, astonishingly precious. Water allows us to stay hydrated and quench our thirst. Water allows us to clean our bodies and maintain proper hygiene. Water cleans our toilets and our cars and our windows. Water allows us to relax in swimming pools and clear lakes. Water is an absolutely integral part of our […]

Women Empowerment Through Water

A huge number of individuals live in abject poverty due to absence of clean water sources. Regularly, the water sources that are accessible are dirtied and are found exceptionally far away. In developing nations, the task of water collection tumbles on women and young ladies. Frequently, the women and young ladies put in hours a […]

It is the end of tribulations for Kajiado residents

March 2, 2016 will remain historic in the minds of Kimana and Kajiado residents at large, as the day they witnessed a mega event taking place on their soil. People came from far and wide just to be part of the auspicious activity, whose stories will be shared from gen­eration to generation. Young and old […]

Africaqua Water Shop Reprieve for Matuu Residents

By David Mwaura Image showing dried up Yatta Canal in Yatta Sub-County. Yatta residents partly depend on this canal for domestic water supply. Located in Yatta Constituency in Machakos County, Matuu cannot run from the desert state of majority of the areas in Eastern and North Eastern Kenya, where access to water is a nightmare […]

Enhancement of Proper Sanitation is a Collective Role

The recent report on the study of predictors of open defecation among residents in the 47 counties in Kenya is probably the most devastating item one can spend time reading. The report has indicated that, out of the 47 counties, 15 of them have open defecation rates of more than 40 percent; about 5.6 million […]

Africaqua BCtA Membership Press Release

Africaqua BCtA Membership Press Release Nairobi, June 30, 2016 /3BL Media/ AfricAqua, a social enterprise focused on innovative solutions for delivering clean water to low-income communities, joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with a commitment to provide 20,000 Kenyans with access to safe drinking water through 100 Watershop water outlets. These ‘water malls’ are […]

Every Kenyan Has the Right to Safe Drinking Water, says Kuria

By David Mwaura, Africaqua Limited Communications Officer Africaqua CEO David Kuria has reassured Kenyans living in drought hit areas and informal settlements that the company will continue expanding its projects to ensure that everyone gets easy access to safe drinking water at an affordable cost. Speaking during an interview with radio maisha, Kuria noted that […]