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Amazing Facts About The Sahara Desert

By: Jackie Edwards The Sahara Desert is enormous. It covers 3.6 million square miles and is the world’s largest hot desert. It expands over a vast area of North Africa, including Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Sudan and Libya. Like so much of Africa, The Sahara Desert is desperate for water. Not a drop […]

The ugly side of the drought stricken Wajir County, Northern Kenya

The face of drought in Wajir County, in Kenya’s north is ugly. The land is bare and expansive, multiple whirlwinds sweeping across every now and then, which local myths call ‘the devil’. It is emaciated animals feeding on what seems like invisible grass on the ground or camels browsing on thorny remains of what used to be […]

Prevention is better than cure

By David Mwaura Death is the last thing anyone would opt for. Meanwhile, it is a rite of passage that everything that has life must go through. What causes death is what makes it to be different in different creatures like human beings. One of the main causes of death in people is disease. There […]

Time to collect and store water for future use is now

The long awaited rains have finally come and farmers who were eagerly waiting for it are now very busy in their farms. Nothing seems to be deterring them from doing what they do best, despite the fact that the weather man recently expressed fears that the expected rains will be short lived. This just tells […]

Treatment, storage crucial factors

By Millicent Mwololo Kenyans had little to celebrate even as the  World Water Day was marked  two weeks ago,  given that drought has been ravaging many parts of the country, which  relies heavily on rain-fed agriculture. “This is probably where we have gone wrong. A country that has been independent for more than 50 years […]

We need to think beyond rainfall in the fight against drought

It is more than 7 months since the onset of the drought in different parts of the country, with perennial drought hit appearing in the news for the same old reason; starvation and death. Images of animals and human beings stricken by starvation have been showing on our screens and printed on the first page […]

Kenya expects poor rainfall in March-May season

Kenya is expected to receive poor rainfall in the main March to May rainy season, the meteorological office said, a situation which could exacerbate an already acute drought. Weather forecasts in Kenya, which largely depends on rain-fed agriculture, are key in gauging inflation trends. The Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) said in its long rains (March-May) […]

Africaqua among the GSBI Program Accelerator finalists, 2017

Africaqua CEO David Kuria will be attending the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) In-Residence Accelerator program at Santa Clara University in California from August 9 to 18, 2017. Kuria will join representatives from 15 other social enterprises across the world for the 10 days activity meant to strengthen the operations of social enterprises to enhance […]