Floods turn South C into a sea

The start of rains in Nairobi is slowly turning to be a nightmare for many city residents due to poor drainage.

Sunday night proved to be a real test for city dwellers and those who were on the roads after a heavy down pour that started at 6pm.

Vehicles got stuck in flash floods and the situation wasn’t any better Monday morning as some roads remained impassable.



To some, it was an opportunity to make quick cash as they used hand carts to carry people to elevated grounds or to bus terminus at a fee.

The Nairobi County Government has come under sharp criticism over the poor drainage which saw most city roads including those in the Central Business District flooded.

Areas worst hit by Sunday’s heavy downpour include sections of Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway, the Central Business District and a number of residential areas.

Residents of South C who were among those worst hit by the flooding, told Capital FM News that the problem is a norm every rainy season.

“This is a common problem here but its slowly escalating…we want the County Government to expand the drainage system since there are more houses that has come up,” Patrick Mwangi, a resident said.

Another one said, “this time the situation was worse…it happens but it has never been like this.”

They want the situation rectified saying the flooding also poses a major health risks if not checked.

“If the water is not drained in a few days, you can imagine the kind of mosquito that will breed in here,” another one who sought anonymity said.


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