New dawn as operations commence at Matuu watershop

A new chapter has opened in the lives of Matuu and surrounding areas residents as operations at the Matuu watershop kick off.

This is a reprieve to thousands of the residents who have been trekking for miles away in the search of water. They have to brave the scorching sun and dusty roads just to collect this vital commodity.

At times, children have to keep out of school to join their parents and other family members as they walk from one village to another looking for water. This is a very tough journey especially for children and the old people but they have no option other than doing it.

The Matuu watershop comes at the most appropriate time, bearing in mind that Matuu and the larger Machakos County receive very little annual rainfall. The rainfall little rainfall received makes rivers and the canals in the region to be seasonal.

Matuu residents depend on water from water kiosks around the area and the seasonal Yatta canal. Some of the water kiosks supply salty water and hence not suitable for drinking. Whenever the canal dries, residents have no option other than drink salty water from the water kiosks around, where they are subjected to long queues.

The first few days of operations at the watershop saw Matuu residents and their animals get water for free. They came from far and wide to witness the “Kivandini miracle”. Cattle and donkeys quenched thirst at the watershop as residents filled their jerrycans with free water. This is something residents have never experienced before.

They could not hide their joy as they narrated of where they have come from and the hardships they have gone through to make ends meet. They termed the watershop as their “savior”, who took a bit too long to come.

“Why did it take too long for the watershop to be set up? We have suffered for years and have always been wondering who will come to rescue us. I have been struggling to get water for my family and the journey has at times been tough. The watershop will help me a lot as I will not be trekking as I used to”, said Jennifer Nduku, a Matuu resident.

At the Matuu watershop, people will not be forced to queue for long as there is plenty water. This will enable them to collect as much water as possible though out the day.

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