Mandera County tenders for 30 boreholes

To deal with the current drought situation, the county government of Manders is tracking availability of water in 70 centres including in schools and dispensaries in addition to repairing and maintaining boreholes to curb water shortage effects.

The county government has two rapid response teams: one based in Elwak sub-county and in Mandera town. This financial year, the county tendered for drilling and equipping more than 30 boreholes and rehabilitating 20 water supplies.

 Residents of Arabia town in  Mandera  get water from a bowser.

The governor Ali Roba handed over 1,053 metric tonnes of food stuffs including beans, rice and vegetable oil saying it was unfortunate that residents have to rely on relief food as he flagged off a convoy of trucks carrying the food to different parts of the county.

Roba reiterated the need to beef up security to attract investors. Mandera region has been bedevilled by insecurity from al-Shabaab terror group and inter-clan clashes.


The County has a population of 1,025,756 based on the disputed census of 2009. The root cause of the conflicts between the various clans in Mandera is how grazing boundaries were marked during colonial times. The Garre say the Murrule and Degodia came to “Garre-land” as “asylum seekers” during the colonial period.

Theysay the Murrulle, who were the first to arrive, were “given” grazing rights in the area between Lafey in the south up to Sala in the north along the River Dawa and along the Kenya-Somali border. The Degodia were, on the other hand, “given” a migratory corridor from Ethiopia to Wajir.

This, the Garre say, was to enable the Degodia to maintain their ancestral relationship with those in Wajir and Ethiopia The Degodia were, therefore, “given” a border-crossing point between Garse-Rhamu and then transitory route passing through As-habito and the area between Shimbir Fatuma and Takaba on their way to Wajir.

The Garre, further, allege that these “guest” clans later abused the sanctuary “given to them” by expanding into other Garre exclusive areas like Malkamari, Ruqa, Banisa, Takaba, Wargadud, Elwak and Shimbir.

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