Let’s take advantage of the massive runoff by collecting it

From Turkana to Tiaty, Nairobi to Nakuru, effects of the ongoing heavy rainfall that has pounded the country over the last two months have been intense. Houses have collapsed, vehicles swept by massive run offs as landslides torment residents of the peaceful Murang’a County. The weatherman has announced that the heavy rains might hit the country for a little while, something that has obviously not been received well by millions of Kenyans.

Today, cold shivers are sent down the spines of everyone when clouds begin to form. People are worried because they do not know what the rains might bring forth. For those working in town like Nairobi, they have to rush home as early as possible to avoid being denied access to their residential areas by the merciless water flooding Nairobi roads.

The heavy rains have already made some people homeless, others lost their lives somehow defying the common saying “Water is Life”, as others fight for their lives in hospitals following injuries rendered to them by the collapsed walls and buildings.

It will meanwhile be very sad if we will allow the runoff to go untamed and later complain about water shortage once the rains dwindle. Places like Turkana known for its aridity state is nowadays experiencing massive runoffs. The water is being allowed to flow freely as the soil has already taken more than enough of it.

As a country that knows what people go through during the dry season, we should not allow the water to flow uncollected. It is necessary for the government with the help of private companies device on the ways to collect the water, purify it and make it ready for use in the future.

Large dams can work well for places like Turkana where farming activities are very rare. If a few dams can be prepared, it will make it easier for the runoff to be collected and properly treated for use.

Even though the rains have a lot of negative effects to millions of Kenyans, we should be ready to take advantage of it to save our future. No matter how much people complain, the rain will go on and it will only make sense to us if we save enough of the water for future use.

Kenya has enough experts and resources to manage the runoff in different parts of the country and there is therefore no excuse for not collecting the storing enough water for the future. The want can be used to irrigate crops, used at homes as well as well water the ever thirsty livestock in the arid areas.

This will also help in saving the large amounts of money government spends on buying food to feed the hunger stricken communities. The money can be used to facilitate development programs.

David Mwaura, Communications Manager, Africaqua Limited.

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