Water and Irrigation CS Eugene Wamalwa (Right) with AfricAqua CEO David Kuria unveiling the Kimana Water Shop plaque during the Shop's launch on 2nd March, 2016.

Water and Irrigation CS Eugene Wamalwa (Right) with AfricAqua CEO David Kuria unveiling the Kimana Water Shop plaque during the Shop’s launch on 2nd March, 2016.

Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has hailed the partnership between AfricAqua and Kajiado community in the drive to serve the community with safe drinking water, saying that water problem cannot be left to national government alone to solve.

Speaking during the AfricAqua Kimana Water Center launch, Wamalwa urged public and private sectors to partner so as to tackle water problem as one unit. He pleaded with other private sectors to emulate AfricAqua, saying that his ministry will fully support such initiatives starting with the one by AfricAqua.

“AfricAqua has done an impressive job and I would urge other private sectors to come forward and form partnerships with public sectors in order to help us in solving the water problem in our  communities  countrywide. I also wish to assure AfricAqua that myself and my ministry will fully support One Safe Drop Initiative to the end”, said Wamalwa.

He also took the opportunity to inform the public that the government is planning to serve schools and communities around with piped water in the near future. Wamalwa meanwhile stated that the program will be rolled out once electricity connection to schools is finalized. The minister added that such a program could only be successful if private and public sectors work together. He therefore urged the Water Resources Management Authority ( WRMA) to invite private sectors in projects aimed at handling water problem in deserving areas, saying that water projects will help in the fight against waterborne diseases.

Addressing the public during the same event, AfricAqua CEO David Kuria said that water problem is a national disaster and has to be tackled from all directions, with all stakeholders involved. He also thanked the Kajiado community and leadership for embracing and supporting the One Safe Drop Initiative, adding that the initiative will be rolled out countrywide.

“This is the Pilot project, we are intending to penetrate other deserving counties to ensure that every drop of water that consumed by people is safe, irrespective of where they are located “, said Kuria.

Kajiado County deputy governor Paul Ole Ntiati who also addressed the gathering, urged government and private sectors to start dam projects to trap the massive run off that comes with heavy rainfall received in the area at different times of the year, saying that the community cannot depend on borehole water alone to meet its water demand.

“As we try to address the issue of water scarcity in Kajiado through abstraction, we should also think of taking advantage of the run off by trapping it through the use of dams. Let us not allow this water to go to waste. Large dams will help in holding this water over a long period of time, enabling people to access the water even long after the rainy season is over.This will enable us tackle water problem once and for all”, said Ntiati.

WRMA national director Agnes Shonko also said that water problem is an issue the association has been trying to tackle over the years, but due to the escalating demand for this commodity, serving everyone with safe drinking water has been a  challenge. She therefore said that initiatives like the One Safe Drop by AfricAqua will help in solving the water problem. She urged all the stakeholders to enhance private/public partnerships in order to solve the water  problem completely.

The launch was also attended by AfricAqua partners, schools’ safe water club members, community members, political and religious leaders among other dignitaries.